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Does Power Bull offer short term and long term calls?

Yes. We value the company (BSE & NSE) and make sure the real (intrinsic) value is lesser than market price. It has a lot of analysis to pass through and you can refer to our research reports for the sample. That way our call volume will be low but quality will be high.

Will Power Bull offer intraday in future?

Began from July 2014

What is the difference between Power Trade and Power Trade plus?

Power Trade - We provide trade calls through email & recommend at what price you have to buy and at what price you can book profit (Simple and easy).

Power Trade Combo - Power Trade + Intraday, Future and options.

Power Trade Plus - Power Trade + we perform in depth analysis of your portfolio and provide suggestion (Hold / Sell) that help you to maintain an optimized portfolio and minimize losses.

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I had paid the fee using money transfer how will I get the calls?

You will be communicated via e-mail every month based on your membership.

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Where is the Power Bull office located?

Corporate office in Ground floor, Prince Infocity II, OMR, Chennai.

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Does Power Bull recommend the maximum money to invest per call?

For all our calls you can invest up-till maximum of 15 lakhs per equity or less depending on your budget. Incase if you plan to invest more than that please inform us so that we will make sure about the average volume of the equity.

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How customers can reach Power Bull?

Customers can send the queries via e-mail @ powerbullstocks@gmail.com. The response will be made within 24 hours.

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What else does Power Bull offer for the Investor? - Free Section.

Candlestick, Price trends of stock, Indicators, Top gainers, Top losers, Volume buster and charts for FREE technical analysis is available online. We are working hard to provide different metrics to Investors. You can use those metrics for Swing or Intra trade.

Every quarter we will provide research report for venture. The e-mail will be sent to all registered users irrespective of membership about the new postings in Power Bull.

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